Month: June 2021

Trump’s carpet cleaning machine to be ‘top of the line’ in 2017

Trump is set to unveil a new, highly-powered carpet cleaning device this week that will cost around $30,000.According to The Wall Street Journal, the machine will use vacuum technology and will be able to clean carpets at speeds of up to 50 times per second.The new machine will reportedly be built by General Electric and […]

‘Machine gun’ kelly: The story of the world’s most important sewing machine

BERNINA SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS – BERNICE KELLY Source RTE 1 / 14 A new machine gun kellys was introduced in Ireland to combat the British army in 1916.It was called the ‘machine gun machine’ and was fitted with a telescopic sight, an automatic firing mechanism and a fire extinguisher.It had a capacity of one bullet.The […]

What’s in a name? – Part 2 – Whirlpool

WhirlPool and the brand name WhirlCraft are a little confusing.Whirl-pool is a family of machines made by Whirl, and the Whirlcraft brand is a brand of the company.Whistler is the manufacturer of Whirl’s own machines, while Whirl has factories and plants in the US and Canada. Whirl-Craft machines were built to help whirlpool owners make bread […]

How to clean your commercial espresso machine

How to Clean Your Commercial Espresso Machine: 1.Remove dirt and grime from the surface.2.Apply a deodorant.3.Add a fresh detergent.4.Use a detergent to remove any impurities.5.Cleaning your commercial machine can be difficult.You need to take some basic steps to make sure you are cleaning it correctly.Clean your commercial machines surface and then use a detergents to […]

How to Make Your Own Snow Machines – Fucking Machine,Snow Machine,Leg,Curl Machine,Fucking

Fucking Machines is a company dedicated to creating snow machines for a wide variety of markets.The company was founded in 2010 by Jason Tackett and Justin Devens and is currently a subsidiary of the Sledgehammer Media Group.Jason is the founder of the Snow Machine brand and Justin is the co-founder of the Leg Machine brand.They […]

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