How to use a sewing machine to make your own Christmas ornament

A sewing machine is not going to make you a Santa Claus, but it is a great way to make an ornament out of your favorite Christmas tree parts.

I’ve always wanted to make a Santa hat out of a pair of sewing machine legs, but I never found the time to build one until recently.

A little ingenuity went into making my Santa hat.

As I’m about to tell you, this is not a very pretty thing, and you should probably not be making a Santa Hat.

The Santa Hat is made from a pair with a hole in the middle that lets the air out, and a pair that are attached with a loop.

If you’re making a Christmas ornament out that you really like, make sure you’re not using too many parts.

For example, if you’re just making the head and a nose, the tail and the nose will probably not work.

You can easily add a second tail, too, if it fits snugly.

To make the hat, first you’ll need to cut the tail pieces.

Here’s how you do that: Take a sewing line and cut through two pieces of wood that are about a quarter inch thick.

Make a small hole in each piece.

Then, fold the seam of one piece under the other piece.

Make sure you don’t tear the wood.

Put a little glue on the hole you just made, then fold the two pieces over so that the two halves are now glued together.

Repeat this process until you have six pairs of sewing legs.

Once you have all six legs, you’ll want to glue them together.

To glue the legs, take the glue from the hole in one leg and use a sharp knife to cut a piece about half an inch wide and two inches long.

Place the glue in the other leg.

Now, put glue on both legs and glue the two together.

Repeat this process on both sides of the legs.

Once all six pieces are glued together, you can now attach the hat.

Here’s a shot of the finished hat: It looks a little rough, but the glue works just fine.

If you want a more realistic hat, make a matching hat for your kids.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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