‘I’ve been in the military for 35 years’: Former military vet shares his thoughts on the war in Afghanistan

The Associated Press on Thursday published a story about a retired Marine Corps general who served for 35 decades in the U.S. military, but now says he’s worried about the country’s future because of the war there.

Retired Marine Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan told the AP he was concerned about what he called the “malaise” of the American public.

He said the military is at a “moment of crisis,” with “a lot of young people coming into the service and not being prepared for it.”

He said young people are more interested in the social, political and technological aspects of life than in the combat mission.

He’s also worried about how the military will be able to keep the peace in Afghanistan.

“I think we’ve been out there for 35-plus years, we’ve had a lot of troops,” Buchanan said.

“We’ve had casualties, but we’ve also had a sense of how much of a threat the Taliban is to us and how much we can win and how long we can go.”

Buchanan, who retired in 2014 after a 40-year career, was a combat engineer for the Marine Corps and retired as a colonel.

He was a Marine Corps infantry officer and a captain in the Army.

Buchanon, a native of Ohio, said he’s concerned about the state of Afghanistan and wants to see President Donald Trump and his generals help bring stability to the country.

He worries that the country is in a “dangerous situation” and has become so militarized that people are afraid to go out and speak to each other.

He said the president has not shown any interest in rebuilding the country or creating a more peaceful environment.

The AP reported that the U:S.

has lost nearly 9,700 soldiers since the war began in 2001, including 1,000 in the past year.

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