Cricket craft machine set to be installed in India, says CEO

New Delhi: Cricket machinery will be installed on Indian soil by the end of June and the Indian Premier League (IPL) will be ready to go by November, the CEO of the country’s biggest cricket league said.

Indian cricketers have been playing in the IPL for over a decade and are now gearing up for the next phase of the league with the introduction of the new machines, the chief executive of the Indian Cricket Association (ICA) said on Monday.

In the run-up to the IPLC season opener against Australia on October 29, India’s team was given the choice of either installing the machine or leaving it to a new manufacturer.

The IPL is set to become the biggest professional sports league in the world after the IPLA was launched on January 1.

The IPL chief said that he is confident that the machines will be up and running by the beginning of the IPCA season.

“We have a team of about 300, who are going to work on the machine at our home.

It will be completed by the first quarter of the season,” Rajiv Shetty told reporters in New Delhi.

He said that the IPLB was being developed with a view to becoming a global sports league, adding that the Indian teams will play in the league.

“The IPLB will have a lot of teams, a lot more than the ICC, the world’s best cricket league, so we are trying to develop it,” he said.

The two teams have already played each other in the semi-finals and will face each other again in the final.

The Indian players are not yet able to use the machines, but they have told the PCB they will be able to.

They are also using a cricket ball, which is a very expensive commodity in India.

“There is an element of uncertainty,” Shetty said, adding, “We are trying hard to solve that.”

He said that players will be given more options when they are asked to use their own ball.

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