Month: August 2021

When a machine gets a little too creative: Bobcat machine

In the past week, a pair of machines have popped up in sports betting markets, the Bobcat and the Rotary Tattoo Machine.Both machines are made by Rota, and they are being sold for the purpose of sports betting.While the Rotaries are generally used for sporting events, there is a legitimate market for the Bobcats, as […]

Why ‘Machine’ should be renamed ‘Aliens’

A name change to “Aliens” has been proposed for its robotic counterpart, which has been dubbed the “AltspaceVR” machine by Microsoft.The change to the title and logo of the machine was revealed on Tuesday during a press conference at the company’s Redmond headquarters.Altspace is a platform for virtual reality, but the company also sells “altspace” […]

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