How Donald Trump is destroying the GOP’s agenda: A guide to his agenda and his opponents

Donald Trump will likely have a new president in place in less than three weeks.

And, with that, a new agenda.

The Republican Party is on a path to the nomination.

The GOP’s 2016 nominee for president will have to deliver.

But the future is unclear.

A lot of the party’s problems stem from the fact that it was never truly unified, let alone ideologically unified.

The party has become a coalition of self-identified conservatives, but its roots run deep.

The “conservative movement” is more than a single ideological movement.

It’s an interlocking collection of groups, each of which has their own interests and worldviews.

The conservative movement is a collection of self and non-self-described conservatives, all of whom want to make America great again.

The Republicans’ failure to do so has led to a fractured party that’s prone to infighting, gridlock, and polarization.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact the GOP has not unified around a single candidate, unlike the Democratic Party.

There’s a reason Trump has struggled to unite his party.

The current GOP nominee is a divisive figure, a divisive character, and, most importantly, a flawed one.

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