Tech giant Google’s $1bn acquisition of ‘Circuit Machine’ is the tech giant’s biggest move to date

Tech giant Alphabet’s acquisition of a maker of ‘circuit machines’ for use in mobile phones is one of the biggest moves to date, and will mean more opportunities for Google’s technology to reach the world’s largest smartphone market.

Alphabet announced in February that it had bought the company, which has made the technology available to makers of smartphones and other electronic devices.

Circuit-machine makers have been working to make the technology more accessible to developers, who want to make apps that can interact with their devices, while also providing a way for people to customize their devices to their liking.

Google has made it easy for developers to build these applications, allowing them to target the same hardware and apps across devices.

Alphabet will also use the technology to create more robust applications for Android phones, including a “wearable” app that will allow users to control their devices from their wrist.

The Google-owned company will also sell some of the technology in its Android smartphones.

It is expected that the two firms will have a direct relationship, and it’s not known how much money Alphabet will be paying for the company.

But it’s likely that the deal will give Google more access to circuit-machine technology, since it is the dominant maker of the hardware and software for the Android smartphone platform.

The $1 billion acquisition comes at a time when the technology is increasingly being used in other ways, and the companies have invested billions of dollars to develop their respective products.

In February, Apple bought a team of engineers to create an app that would let developers build a smartphone app that could interact with a “circuit machine” that could turn on and off a smartphone.

That deal was worth $4.5 billion.

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