Smoke machine in Dublin: ‘We’re a community of smokers, not the Government’

On Sunday, Dublin City Council announced plans to roll out a smoke machine in every street in the city.

The device will be installed at street level, where smokers can get a breathalyzer to check if they have inhaled a breath of smoke.

It will be monitored 24 hours a day and there will be an option to take a test afterwards.

The project, which was launched on Sunday, is part of a wider pilot project for the city to introduce a ‘Smoke-Free’ city.

It was also announced that the city will now set up an independent body to oversee the implementation of the smoke machine, called the Smoke-Free Ireland Authority (SFIA).

There will also be a new centre for tobacco control in the council’s centre, which will be responsible for enforcing and monitoring the implementation.

Dublin City Council is the first municipality in the country to deploy smoke machines.

Its aim is to reduce the amount of smoking in the community.

The smoke machine will be set up on Dublin City’s main street, Queen Street, at the corner of King Street and Mary Street.

Smoke machines are also set to be installed in neighbouring towns, with an additional machine set to arrive in Cork later this year.

The Dublin Smoke Free Ireland Authority will be a joint-managed body which will coordinate the implementation and monitoring of the project.

The SME has previously been involved in the implementation in Edinburgh, Dundalk, Cork, Monaghan and Galway.

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