Why do you want to play football in 2018?

The Football Association has announced it will increase the maximum age of players to 21 from 18.

However, some fans are taking it a step further by asking for players to wear smoke machines, exercise machines and citations machines in the stands during the national championships.

The FA said the rules will apply to the 2018/19 Premier League season and that all clubs will be allowed to wear them during the first half of the competition.

However, it will be possible for teams to choose whether they want to wear the smoke machines or exercise machines during the second half of their matches.

“This new regulation will enable fans to enjoy the game on a number of levels,” a FA statement said.

“It is also designed to allow clubs to tailor their game plans to fit the needs of their fans and the best-equipped team.”

The smoke machines and exercise machines will be used by fans to simulate the atmosphere and the intensity of a match, as well as help fans feel engaged in the game and in the squad.

“The move comes after a series of protests against smoking during football matches across the country.

Last year, fans in the UK staged an anti-smoking demonstration and staged a hunger strike to protest against the use of artificial smoke in the stadiums.

For this reason, teams can wear only smoke machines in this period.””

We have now changed our regulations to allow teams to wear a smoke machine during the last 25 minutes of the match and, if they wish, to use the exercise machine during that period,” a statement said in April.

“For this reason, teams can wear only smoke machines in this period.”

The rules will not apply during the 2017/18 Premier League campaign, when there is only one match between two teams.

The FA added that teams will be able to wear their own smoke machines during matches, but will have to follow the same restrictions.

“We are looking at the smoke machine as a way of getting away from the traditional, very aggressive behaviour seen at football matches,” a spokesman said.

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