Why ‘Machine’ should be renamed ‘Aliens’

A name change to “Aliens” has been proposed for its robotic counterpart, which has been dubbed the “AltspaceVR” machine by Microsoft.

The change to the title and logo of the machine was revealed on Tuesday during a press conference at the company’s Redmond headquarters.

Altspace is a platform for virtual reality, but the company also sells “altspace” headsets for people with limited vision.

The company’s CEO, Marc Benioff, said on Tuesday that “AlphaspaceVR,” or ALTSpaceVR, would be a better name than the previous name of the “Alien” brand, because “the word ‘alien’ is a common one to people who watch Alien movies and they think of it as a creepy alien.”

He also said ALTSocvr will have a “cooler, less scary” look.

The ALTSucvr website is also changing the name to “ALTSpace,” a reference to the space station in the 1979 sci-fi movie Alien.

The website also includes a list of upcoming events for the company, including a meeting with Microsoft executives in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

Microsoft declined to comment on the change.

“I think that this will help us more in communicating our ideas to the public,” Benioffer said during the press conference.

“The fact that people are already using our new name is really important.

And I think it will really help the company to get back to the brand that we had.”

The company said in January that it had reached a deal to sell ALTSacvr to Microsoft for $5 billion.

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