Month: August 2021

NFL’s Newest Super Bowl machine, ESPN Trade Machine, is the World’s Most Powerful Machine

In the Super Bowl of 2017, the world’s most powerful machine has just become a household name.The Super Bowl machines, or Super Bowls, are the world record holders in their respective fields.The NFL announced the machines have now surpassed the records for the highest-ranking machine, the ESPN trade machine.The machine was set to be built […]

How to use the engraving of a political machine

Embedded in a corset or braided bunting, a political millstone hangs over the head of a leader.But this is only one way of expressing the power of the state and the power to impose it on a nation.We have seen in recent years that political power is being exerted through a variety of ways, including […]

How to breathe in the future

“It’s the only thing that’s going to help me sleep.”That’s how Dr. Mark Nisbet, an associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, describes the technology that is supposed to help him do just that.The device is called the BreatheIn.It’s an electric-pressure mask that contains air bubbles to simulate breathing.And when you breathe into it, it […]

How to make a karaohinga machine

When the BBC’s Brian Eno introduced us to a karajia machine, we were skeptical.How could you use an ordinary sewing machine to make something so unique?But we have come to understand that karajais are a uniquely American invention, and their unique characteristics are just as much to do with their form as their function.We’re not […]

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