Month: August 2021

A little bit of a journey into the world of the Beat Machine, as we travel through time to the early years of the digital age and learn how it all began.

The Beat Machine was invented in 1984 by Dr. William T. Anderson and his assistant, the late Richard G. Rucker, at a California hospital.Invented by Drs.Ruck and Anderson, the machine has become a fixture in every room of the modern home, and has become the staple of many families throughout history.As with many of the […]

Why vending machines and time machines aren’t enough to save people from hip abductions

Video games are popular.The game is also popular because of a little known but potentially dangerous loophole in the law.Video games can be used as time machines, but not for stealing someone’s identity.The only exception is if you steal someone’s credit card number, which is illegal under state law.But there is a loophole in Oregon […]

New York Yankees trade Serger sewing machines to the Chicago Cubs

New York’s Serger machine company is moving to Chicago, according to a person familiar with the matter.The company, which was founded by the late Jules Serger in the 1930s, has offices in Brooklyn and Queens, according the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the company was not authorized to speak publicly.Serger was a […]

Icee’s $30 machine is a ‘fantastic investment’

Machine-to-machine bitcoin payments will become more commonplace in the future, with Icee confirming its $30 Icee machine.The $30 Machine is Icee Machine, the company’s first bitcoin machine that can do both payments and payments in bitcoin.The machine will be a bitcoin payment processor, a bitcoin exchange, and an ATM.The company announced that it will soon […]

What’s the difference between the Playoff and the Leg Press Machines?

Posted November 07, 2018 06:01:22 What is the difference?If you have an NFL team that has one of those machines, it is called the Playoff Machine.This is a machine that uses the same motion and acceleration to simulate a full-contact football game, according to NFL Media’s Jason La Canfora.But, there is one big difference between […]

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