How to make your own shaving cream

A pair of cutting edge machines has been built to create your own shaved ice, with the latest advances in machine-learning technology.

In a short video shared on Twitter by user @kimberlycabrera, the company showed off a prototype of the machine, which it claims will cut ice in minutes.

“We used our cutting-edge machine to make the first batch of ice,” said @kamryncabreras.

“The second batch will be a more sophisticated machine that will make even more.”

The company has already shown off the machine to the US Army, which has now ordered about 200 of them.

“They’re really cool machines,” said Chris Ochoa, head of the US military’s cutting-out division.

“These machines are really useful for all sorts of things.”

The machine can produce up to 500 gallons of ice a minute, and can be used on ice that weighs up to 80 kilograms.

It has a capacity of two litres.

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