Top 5 Things To Do With Your Money this Year

The Wall St Journal is pleased to share with you five of our favorite things to do this year.

We are constantly reviewing the list and adding new items as they become available.

These include:•Dressing up: Make your own homemade dress from home using a sewing machine.•Cooking up a meal: Get the recipe for your favorite food at home using one of our cooking machines.•Walking down the street: Use a walkie-talkie to call for help, take pictures of your favorite street art, and take in the sights.•Going out to eat: Eat out with your friends and get a great meal from a local restaurant.

You can use your money to:•Make gifts: Save money on gifts that you would like to use, and save money on gift cards, too.•Learn about the newest technology: Read about the latest technology in technology.•Take care of a sick pet: Take care of your pet using a walking companion, and learn about the best ways to care for pets online.•Buy more things: Get more clothes, furniture, or other home improvements online and save on shipping and delivery costs.•Get out and about: Use our app to find great deals at stores and local businesses.•Do business with your loved ones: Create and save a business profile online, so you can easily find your local business.•Shop for gifts online: Get a great gift shopping experience with our online gift marketplace.•Use the internet: Get news, local events, and news related to the people and places you care about.

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