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‘The Voice’ star is returning to ‘The View’ as new season begins!

Now Playing: Meet the ‘Star Wars’ actors who’ll be joining the cast of ‘The Last Jedi’ Now Playing (via YouTube) The Last Jedi: Star Wars’ First Trailer Now Playing ‘The First Time’: Luke and Leia’s epic reunion Now Playing Trump defends himself after sexual assault allegation Now Playing Hillary Clinton, Sen. Claire McCaskill join forces […]

How To Make Minecraft Flying Machine Source MSNBC title Minecraft flying machine, the latest in flying machines, turns 10 years old!

A flying machine built by Microsoft is making a triumphant return to the skies.The flying machine known as Minecraft is making the rounds, as evidenced by its re-release on Xbox, PC, PS4, and PS Vita in 2017.Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Microsoft, and it’s a popular game among many players, especially those that […]

How a machine learning startup is building a virtual machine to automate work at work

A startup is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a virtual computer that could be used to automate tasks at work, such as opening a bank account, making phone calls, and scheduling meetings.The virtual machine could also be used as a communication tool, according to the company, called CloudFront.CloudFront has been working on […]

Apa’s wax machine makes headlines as heaps money on a low-margin, high-risk investment

Posted September 10, 2018 05:11:07 A Melbourne-based machine maker is looking to turn its wax into a lucrative business by making the machines into high-volume machines used to generate high-frequency power, an industry watcher said.Apa Machines’ machine maker has launched a new product aimed at creating high-power machines for mining, and it’s one of several […]

Why the hand-held sewingmachine craze is killing off hand-to-hand sewing machines

A hand-controlled embroidery device known as a cricut has a built-in laser engrave machine that can turn anything into an adorable piece of art.A couple of months ago, the craze reached a tipping point when a pair of New York-based designers took on the task of creating a machine for crocheting a pair.They’ve since made […]

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