‘The Voice’ star is returning to ‘The View’ as new season begins!

Now Playing: Meet the ‘Star Wars’ actors who’ll be joining the cast of ‘The Last Jedi’ Now Playing (via YouTube) The Last Jedi: Star Wars’ First Trailer Now Playing ‘The First Time’: Luke and Leia’s epic reunion Now Playing Trump defends himself after sexual assault allegation Now Playing Hillary Clinton, Sen. Claire McCaskill join forces […]

‘Abcrutcher’ machine gun can hit a target as far as 20 yards with a single shot, police say

The machine gun used in the deadly shooting at a Minneapolis high school in April has a “high rate of failure” when it’s fired, according to police.Police said a man who tried to open a locked safe in the school’s hall found a handgun and the machine gun jammed after the man fired one shot, […]

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