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The time machine: How the machines have changed the way we live

The machines that keep the modern world ticking have taken on a life of their own.They are used by millions of people around the world every day, and yet are rarely mentioned in the same breath as the ones that are most iconic.They have helped us to keep up with the latest technology, make predictions […]

What if the future of coffee was machine learning?

The future of roasting is coming, but that could be a lot less exciting than you think.Machine learning has revolutionized coffee brewing and roasting, and as we learn more about it, it’s becoming possible to create personalized recipes with machine learning, like those found in coffee bars.While the industry has a lot of talent, there […]

When the soda machine goes green?

BIEN-ABS, France — The beverage machine at the Bismarck-based Bissell Green Machine in Bismark, North Dakota, has become a tourist attraction and a local legend.Bismarks soda machine has been featured in movies and TV shows including the Netflix series “Bismark,” “The West Wing” and the upcoming “Gilligan’s Island.”The machine has made appearances in countless movies […]

When a machine gets a little too creative: Bobcat machine

In the past week, a pair of machines have popped up in sports betting markets, the Bobcat and the Rotary Tattoo Machine.Both machines are made by Rota, and they are being sold for the purpose of sports betting.While the Rotaries are generally used for sporting events, there is a legitimate market for the Bobcats, as […]

NFL’s Newest Super Bowl machine, ESPN Trade Machine, is the World’s Most Powerful Machine

In the Super Bowl of 2017, the world’s most powerful machine has just become a household name.The Super Bowl machines, or Super Bowls, are the world record holders in their respective fields.The NFL announced the machines have now surpassed the records for the highest-ranking machine, the ESPN trade machine.The machine was set to be built […]

How to use the engraving of a political machine

Embedded in a corset or braided bunting, a political millstone hangs over the head of a leader.But this is only one way of expressing the power of the state and the power to impose it on a nation.We have seen in recent years that political power is being exerted through a variety of ways, including […]

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