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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says he will be in a coma after surgery on spinal cord injury

Leo Varatharajan will undergo a spinal cord surgery on Thursday, he confirmed.The Taoiseacht leader confirmed to reporters he was undergoing the operation in a hospital in Limerick.His spokesman said the operation was to treat the injury sustained during the crash.Mr Varadaram was flown to Limerick from a US hospital on Thursday afternoon and was in […]

What’s in a name? – Part 2 – Whirlpool

WhirlPool and the brand name WhirlCraft are a little confusing.Whirl-pool is a family of machines made by Whirl, and the Whirlcraft brand is a brand of the company.Whistler is the manufacturer of Whirl’s own machines, while Whirl has factories and plants in the US and Canada. Whirl-Craft machines were built to help whirlpool owners make bread […]

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