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How a machine learning startup is building a virtual machine to automate work at work

A startup is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a virtual computer that could be used to automate tasks at work, such as opening a bank account, making phone calls, and scheduling meetings.The virtual machine could also be used as a communication tool, according to the company, called CloudFront.CloudFront has been working on […]

When a machine gets a little too creative: Bobcat machine

In the past week, a pair of machines have popped up in sports betting markets, the Bobcat and the Rotary Tattoo Machine.Both machines are made by Rota, and they are being sold for the purpose of sports betting.While the Rotaries are generally used for sporting events, there is a legitimate market for the Bobcats, as […]

New York Yankees trade Serger sewing machines to the Chicago Cubs

New York’s Serger machine company is moving to Chicago, according to a person familiar with the matter.The company, which was founded by the late Jules Serger in the 1930s, has offices in Brooklyn and Queens, according the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the company was not authorized to speak publicly.Serger was a […]

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