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When You Buy a Cotton Candy Machine, You Buy An Unifi Dream Machine

Cotton candy machine?That’s a thing.Dream machines are getting a new look in 2017.They’re no longer just toys, they’re an extension of the mind and body.In 2017, you’ll see the introduction of unifi dream machines and the debut of Cotton Candy Machines.Unifi machines allow you to use your smart phone or tablet to send and receive […]

How to clean your commercial espresso machine

How to Clean Your Commercial Espresso Machine: 1.Remove dirt and grime from the surface.2.Apply a deodorant.3.Add a fresh detergent.4.Use a detergent to remove any impurities.5.Cleaning your commercial machine can be difficult.You need to take some basic steps to make sure you are cleaning it correctly.Clean your commercial machines surface and then use a detergents to […]

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