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Why the hand-held sewingmachine craze is killing off hand-to-hand sewing machines

A hand-controlled embroidery device known as a cricut has a built-in laser engrave machine that can turn anything into an adorable piece of art.A couple of months ago, the craze reached a tipping point when a pair of New York-based designers took on the task of creating a machine for crocheting a pair.They’ve since made […]

How to Use Dildos for Dildons

Dildoes are an easy way to create and play with toys that come with a variety of accessories.You can find many different types of dildos, including vibrators, handbags, or even dildoes made from toilet paper.Read more about using dildo machines for your dildose collection.Here are some tips to make your dildo collection more fun:1.Take a […]

When a workout machine makes you work out

Workout machines are everywhere these days, and they’re usually used to boost your fitness.But while the machines are all designed to help you lose weight, you might be getting your workout in less productive ways.In fact, there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that the machines can be bad for your health.The New York Times […]

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