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NFL’s Newest Super Bowl machine, ESPN Trade Machine, is the World’s Most Powerful Machine

In the Super Bowl of 2017, the world’s most powerful machine has just become a household name.The Super Bowl machines, or Super Bowls, are the world record holders in their respective fields.The NFL announced the machines have now surpassed the records for the highest-ranking machine, the ESPN trade machine.The machine was set to be built […]

When is the new carousel going to open? Exclusive interview with the designer of the new free slot machine

Free slot machines are popular among Brits.In 2014, a study by the British Travel Association found that over 70% of British travellers use free slot machines.The British Government has also invested heavily in slot machines as part of its public transport network.In 2016, a record £5.7bn was spent on public transport.It is believed that over […]

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