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Why vinyl cutting machines are great for DIY hobbyists

You can make pretty much anything with your old sewing machine.Nowadays, though, you can also make your own vinyl-cutting machine.The first of its kind is a Kickstarter machine that will allow you to create any object you want, with the ability to make a “sissy bench” or a “stump” out of wood.It can also help […]

A little bit of a journey into the world of the Beat Machine, as we travel through time to the early years of the digital age and learn how it all began.

The Beat Machine was invented in 1984 by Dr. William T. Anderson and his assistant, the late Richard G. Rucker, at a California hospital.Invented by Drs.Ruck and Anderson, the machine has become a fixture in every room of the modern home, and has become the staple of many families throughout history.As with many of the […]

I’ve heard the word “sweepstakes” before

A lot of people say “sweeps” to describe a competition or contest, but that’s not always how it works.Sometimes, the word comes from a more informal sense of a challenge.The word “Sweepstakes,” as it’s often used in the entertainment industry, came from the word for “sweeper.”Sweep-stakes competitions were contests in which participants were given a […]

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